The Southwest Coast




Over the past few years I’ve had a ton of amazing opportunities to travel through my photographic career. Whether it be through educational conventions, photographing weddings, or representing at conferences, California has been the most frequently visited state for me thus far. Any time I travel somewhere for work I make a point to stay a little longer so I can explore new areas, or revisit places I’ve enjoyed in the past. I’ve selected a handful of photographs taken during my travels along Highway 1 and added them to the print shop in the Southwest Coastal Collection. As part of my goal to help our planet, I donate 10% of all proceeds to various foundations around the globe who focus on conservation of environment and wildlife. The foundations I support can be seen here.


Point Dume in Malibu, has been the most revisited location for me. I love climbing to the top for the view as well as climbing through the jagged rocks and waves at the base of the bluff to get to Pirate’s Cove. The cove always seems so empty and peaceful, with little tide pools full of sea anemone and mussels – a rather drastic contrast to the public beach on the main side of the bluff. On the last visit to Point Dume, I took two friends of mine who had never been. We had just left Photo Field Trip and bumped into some folks at the top. Travis and Lindsey were kind enough to let me photograph them while their two friends stepped in front of fellow adventurer Hannah Cohen’s camera. I was so glad they agreed to this random and awkward request from a complete stranger, because look how epic this lovely duo is!


After photographing my friends Mark & Helen get married in Long Beach, I made my way to Crystal Cove State Park to catch the sunset. The texture of the cliffs here were wild, tide pools full of life, and the sun lit up the waves before some serious hunger kicked in, forcing me to leave before the sun’s final act.


El Capitan State Beach will always hold a special place in my heart. I’ve attended Photo Field Trip two years in a row now – a place where hundreds of other creatives gather to discuss, educate, learn, play, and share photographic experiences. A sort of educational retreat, if you will, where I’ve made some great friends, learned a lot about my craft and myself, helped others, and became inspired in so many ways by so many great people. This beach was just down the road from the camp ground in the canyon, and a daily visit was a must. Some of us swam in the morning haze, some skipped rocks, some took portraits of fellow Field-Trippers, some shared bottles of booze, and some just came to bask in the beautiful California sun.


Big Sur had been on my radar for so many years and I finally had the chance to make the trek to the ever famous McWay Cove. I was working in San Jose in the first half of October in 2015, with the intention on driving down to the Big Basin Redwoods on my final day there. A last minute decision was made the night before, which meant waking up at 3am to drive two hours or so to beat the sunrise at Big Sur. McWay Falls definitely lived up to the hype, and I cannot wait to go back to see this cove at sunset, as well as camp and hike through Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park. I stayed stayed here for roughly four hours before heading back up the coast to make my way inland for the redwoods.


Northbound on Highway 1 I made another stop to take in the coastal views of the Bixby Creek Bridge. Parking on the south side of the bridge was a lot less crowded and I was able to enjoy the scenery alone for a good twenty minutes while the north side was packed with tourists. While the view of the bridge itself may have been captivating, I found the cliffs below – just south of the bridge – much more breathtaking. Sitting on the edge of a small hill just off the side of the road, the breeze along the cliff kept me cool in the sun of high noon, and the sounds of the ocean muffled out the traffic behind me.

I had a really hard time selecting which photographs to use for the Southwest Coastal Collection because I feel there are so many great images in my archives from these trips. And while some of the images in this blog aren’t even included in that collection, I believe the ones I have chosen are really the heart of what I’ve seen and felt along these shores so far. Perhaps some of you have already explored these areas, and some of you may still be dreaming of the adventures you will have here – whatever the case, I hope you enjoy this collection. And if you choose to purchase some of my prints to hang in your home, I thank you, and look forward to donating part of your patronage to causes I believe in.

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