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Sumatran Wildlife Sanctuary
Sumatra is the only place on earth where elephants, orangutan, rhino, and tiger exist together. It is also one of the largest hot spots for palm oil production in the world. Losing roughly 50% of its rainforest over the last 35 years due to deforestation, many species, like those aforementioned, have become critically endangered. In the wake of this devastation, an NGO in Northern Sumatra known as Orangutan Information Centre (OIC) has partnered with Photographers Without Borders (PWB) in establishing the Sumatran Wildlife Sanctuary (SWS) to protect & conserve natural rainforest habitat for wildlife.

The Sumatran Wildlife Sanctuary is adjacent to the Gunung Leuser ecosystem, a protected national park, and provides safe migration to and from the park for wildlife in this region. The sanctuary will also encourage and provide locals with job alternatives to palm oil plantation work and illegal poaching, etc. and hopefully inspire further conservation and reforestation efforts.

The SWS currently protects 5 hectares (roughly 12.5 acres) of land with efforts to expand this habitat by another 45 hectares (roughly 112 acres).

In February 2017 I traveled to Sumatra and joined PWB to explore the impact of palm oil. This trip also allowed me to help fund the initial 5 hectares of the sanctuary. Alongside the OIC and founding members of the SWS, I photographed and worked with the people and wildlife directly affected by the palm oil industry. This experience inspired me to act as an ambassador for the SWS and share the stories I documented to spread awareness and raise money for the sanctuary.

Online Fundraiser for the Sanctuary
My personal fundraiser on GroupRev is a joint effort with a handful of other PWB members. We hope to purchase this plot of land before it’s too late. Other parties are interested in this land, and illegal deforestation is a constant threat. If we are unable to purchase this land, OIC will still be able to use the money for other conservation and rescue efforts. Please consider joining our cause in raising $80,000.00 USD to expand the Sumatran Wildlife Sanctuary and provide hope for the future of Sumatra’s land, people, and wildlife.
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Some Helpful Information
More and more consumers are consciously avoiding products with palm oil and, in turn, many companies are using various names for palm oil on the list of ingredients. The link below is a good reference of ingredient names to avoid. This list is massive and can be overwhelming. Many of these names are found in cleaning, cosmetic, and hygienic products.

To make matters even more difficult, some ingredients (such as Glycerin and Vegetable Oil)  aren’t always necessarily palm oil derived, but they might contain it.  Sodiums are another grey area, as they might be made from coconut, petroleum, or palm oil derived. If you aren’t sure, the next step would be to reach out to the company directly. Or avoid these altogether.
Various Palm Oil Ingredient Names

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