Hiraeth Diaries donates at least 10% of all proceeds towards organizations listed on the Give Back page.

Currently, 50% of all print sale proceeds are being donated to the Sumatran Wildlife Sanctuary to fund our efforts in purchasing 40 hectares of pristine rainforest, to add to the 5 hectares we have already secured. This land is adjacent to the Gunung Leuser ecosystem and is threatened by conflict palm oil. The SWS works to not only secure rainforest habitat for local wildlife - such as elephants, tigers, rhino, bears, and the critically endangered orangutan - but to protect the ecosystem and provide job alternatives to locals who might otherwise not have a choice in how they make a living. In some cases, the only work available may directly or indirectly cause harm and/or death to the environment or wildlife. 

Learn more and donate directly to the sanctuary at my GroupRev campaign here: Sumatran Wildlife Sanctuary

If you desire a print of one of my photographs not available in the shop but found elsewhere, please contact me - I am happy to create special orders!

Shipping is included with each product. Since I print different types of products with different labs, orders including multiple types of products will be shipped separately and may arrive at different times.
UPS Ground is used for all products.
Orders cannot be shipped to P.O. or A.P.O. boxes. Unfortunately at this time, shipping outside of the United States is unavailable.

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