Save the Rainforest


The Destructive Path of Palm Oil in Sumatra

In February 2017 Hiraeth Diaries joined Photographers Without Borders and leaders in conservation to document, explore, learn, and expand wildlife habitat in the rainforests of Sumatra, one of the hot spots in Indonesia suffering from deforestation due to palm oil plantations.

This trip served as both an educational journey in photojournalism and an opportunity to see and experience first hand the impact the palm oil industry has on the people and wildlife who live in Sumatra. Spending just over two weeks working alongside NGOs (the Orangutan Information Centre & the Sumatran Wildlife Sanctuary), and other PWB members, Mike ended his adventure by spending the final days planting new trees to increase wildlife habitat and cutting illegally planted palm oil trees down to pave the way for more reforestation.

Proceeds go directly to conservation of pristine rainforest in Sumatra, home to critically-endangered Sumatran Orangutan, Rhino, Elephant, and Tiger.

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